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Tips and upcoming events

Relaxing while planning your wedding

First find friends that will support. 

Next take time out for yourself to ask questions.

The whole reason you are getting married is to be with the one you love.  All the details will be worked out.

Last: Write down what you desire your wedding day is to feel like wedding.  Example:

Peace of mind

Smooth and easy

Every one happy to be there

You are feeling beautiful.

 Then: Take breathing breaks daily.  By all means get a massage as often as possible.

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Pictures form Bridal Show

I want to thank everyone who was able to come by my booth.  Here are few pictures of the day.  It was very successful and there will be another one in the fall. 


What does an officiant do?

I am the one that signs the license and helps with your vows

Do you need a vendor to plan your weddings?

I have a list of vendors that are amazing to help you with your wedding 

About Us



Marriage is special and the most significant moment in a couples lives.  A Blessed wedding helps to assist with your wedding and can provide any type of ceremony you desire.  Making memories (that will last a life time) is my purpose as a Wedding Officiant to make your day special.


Personal Level

Getting to know you as a couple will help me with your vows.  That in turn will say what is in your heart and how to express it during the ceremony.  Before the wedding  I will help you as a couple to have a deep understanding of what you each want and how to communicate it to keep both of you happy.  At the wedding,  I will help you both to stay focused, calm and joyful.  There is no hurry, this is your time to share your love for each other.



Wedding Package 1 (custom)

Our custom wedding ceremony package starts with a face-to-face meeting.  Together, with your officiant, you will plan all aspects.  including the text of your ceremony.

  • Face-to-face meeting
  • A beautiful custom ceremony

     Package price is $400

Wedding Package 2 (non-custom)

This wedding package includes a phone meeting and a ceremony from our files to suit your needs.

  • Phone meeting
  • A beautifully crafted ceremony from our files, non-customized ceremony.  Ceremony length approximately 15 minutes

    Package Price $250

Wedding Ceremony Package 3 (non-Custom)

This wedding ceremony is ideal for couples who are looking for a short ceremony in a smaller setting.

  • A short five-minute ceremony to legalize your union

    Package Price Starts at $150


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